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The One-Page Zine

Our past two Quaranzines broadcasts focused on the one-page zine. This is zine making in its rawest form! With only a plain sheet of letter paper, scissors (or the highly recommended X-ACTO knife), and writing utensils you can create your very own zine. And the beauty of it is: you can fill it with anything you like! The only limit is what you can fit on the page.

Love books? Make a zine about your favourite characters! Like sharing music? Make a zine for your playlists! Enjoy doodling? Make a zine showcasing your art!

This article gives a pretty good rundown of how to do this. Personally, I like making zines with cutouts of images I find and collaging my way through. So, my process usually includes a printer and a glue stick or tape. In our past two broadcasts, you can see this process if you're willing to watch me ramble on for an hour. It's in there somewhere, I promise!

Here are our last two Quaranzines broadcasts and my final product from each! The first broadcast's theme was "Books/Movies/Music Getting Me Through Quarantine" and our second broadcast was Halloween/Spooky Season themed for the end of October!

I highly recommend using Spotify codes to share music through zines you'd like to send to others!

You can also step up your zine game by using colourful, glittery sheets to glue on as backgrounds for your pages! If you don't feel like drawing in a background, rip pages from newspapers, magazines, or loose paper.

Another beautiful thing about the one-page zine is how small they are, so they can easily fit in an envelope to send by mail. Consider setting up a snail mail system so you and your friends can send each other zines! Also, one-page zines are easy to scan. If you want to share your creation on the Internet, it's as easy as ever to just scan and post! Someone on the other side of the world could print out your zine and have a copy for themselves. Isn't that neat?!

Quaranzines is a bi-weekly Instagram live stream hosted by me, where I show you different methods of how to construct a zine. I will be there for the full hour to answer questions, give tips, or just be of company to you! Make sure to follow The Continuist on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) so you can get the latest updates on Quaranzines and participate in polls deciding what theme we should focus on for the week! And after each broadcast, we upload the video in full to our Youtube channel.

We hope to see you at a future broadcast! And make a zine while you're at it!!


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