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The Continuist
Publishing FAQs

The Continuist is a student-run zine at X University that publishes the creative work of students from X University and beyond. Submitted work goes up on our website, in zine publications, and on our social media platforms. We are a student group under the Society of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (SASSH) (formerly The Ryerson Liberal Arts Society) and based in the Faculty of Arts.

Our main goal is to provide a platform for students where they can be published, supported, and celebrated! We do this by rejecting mainstream industry standards, which often blocks people from participating based on skill level, status/title, word count, submission fees and more. Some people get rejected simply because the work does not live up to the standard of the publication! We don’t do this at The Continuist. 

Publishing with The Continuist is completely free of charge and our platform prioritizes the creator. Without creatives, we wouldn’t be here! Whether you’re an amateur or an industry veteran, The Continuist wants to celebrate creativity of all forms and backgrounds. See our Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about how to publish your work with us!

What work do you accept?

We accept:

  • Fiction (short stories, genre fiction, flash fiction, etc.)

  • Nonfiction (articles, reviews, essays, etc.)

  • Poetry (prose, free verse, narrative poetry, epics, sonnets, etc.)

  • Visual Art

  • Photography

  • Film/Video (short films, animation, music videos, tutorials/how-to, TikToks, etc.)

  • Audio (music, spoken word, sound art, soundscapes, etc.)

  • DIY Crafts (How-to articles/guides, DIY projects, TikToks, etc.)


Please submit writing as a Google doc or .docx file and images as a .png or .jpeg file. Writing submitted as a .pdf is not ideal since we have to copy and paste the text!

What are the standards and rules for submissions?

We try to publish any and all work that comes our way! But under no circumstances will we publish work that is blatantly discriminatory, offensive, or hateful. This would go against our values and commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. If your commentary on a group is disrespectful to their existence your submission will be rejected. All submissions will be reviewed by a Continuist executive and if your work is determined to be discriminatory, offensive, or hateful we will not publish it. You will always be informed whether your work will be accepted or not.

Work is allowed to comment on/reference serious or controversial topics. In that case, it may be tagged with a content warning. We may also ask the creator to provide a few sentences about the inspiration or context behind the piece. If you’re ever unsure, just ask us directly at!

What are your limits for submissions?

There are little to no limitations (i.e. word count, number of photos, etc.) for website submissions. We will try to be as accommodating as possible. If you’re ever unsure, just ask us directly at! We try to communicate extensively with creatives to learn what they want/need.

There will most likely be limitations for zine publications but, again, limits may vary and we can try our best to accommodate your work. For example, if you want to submit a fiction story that has 20+ pages we can publish the full story on our website, include a couple of pages in the zine, then direct the reader to the story on our website so they can read the rest! We love QR codes.

Are there submission fees?

Absolutely not! You don’t have to pay a cent to publish with us.

I’m an amateur artist/writer/creator. I’m not sure if my work is good enough. Can I still publish my work with The Continuist?

Absolutely! You don’t ever have to worry about your skill level here at The Continuist. Many of us are amateurs, too! Other places may reject you for being unrefined but we celebrate that here.

How do I submit to the website?

Email your work to and please include the name you’d like to be published under (either your real name, a nickname, or a pseudonym). An artist’s/author’s note is optional.

When do you accept work for zine publications?

We publish at least 1-2 zine publications throughout the school year. The best way to stay informed about our zines and activities is by following us on social media! You can find us @thecontinuist on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

How do I submit to a zine publication?

We may implement a different system of accepting submission for our zine publications, most commonly a Google Form. The best way to get information and updates about our zines is by checking our Instagram page and social media. If you cannot find this information, simply send us a DM (Direct Message) or email us at and we’ll be glad to help you out!

Am I allowed to publish my work with The Continuist if it’s been/will be published elsewhere?

Yes! We don’t mind if your work has been published elsewhere - as long as it’s original and it’s yours!


As a publication, The Continuist is committed to giving credit where credit is due. While we love and encourage works that are influenced by others, we cannot publish works that contain outright plagiarism. In other words, we cannot publish a work that was submitted under the name of anyone other than its original creator without their knowledge and consent. 

Will I lose ownership of my work if I publish with The Continuist? Should I worry about copyright?

No way! We like to keep it simple: you submit, we publish.

All artists retain rights to their own work in that they are free to re-publish, reproduce, and even sell their own work elsewhere, even after it is published by The Continuist. The Continuist will not be selling artists’ work to make a profit, and we will always credit artists as the creators and owners of their own work.

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