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The Bluffs: Your go-to band for the Summer

The Bluffs are on the rise— and you don't want to miss out!

Photograph provided by The Bluffs

By Aish Sankhé Content Creator (Poetry & Non-Fiction), The Continuist

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? When you have that quench for an artist that perfectly encapsulates the vibe for the summer? So, you end up spending hours skipping through songs, roaming aimlessly through Spotify artist radios, release radars, and recommended playlists— all for a single purpose— to find that one artist. Well, the hunt is now over. We’ve done the grunt work and found the perfect band for you. Here are The Bluffs.

About The Bluffs

What started out as a hobby manifested into shows, new song releases, and more. It began when roommates Nic, Thomas, Aiden, Sean P, and Sean C got together and started playing together one day. Nic had been playing guitar for about a year, while Sean’s been playing the drums since Grade 3. After jamming for a couple of sessions, playing with friends, and learning songs independently, they got together and created magic. And that’s how The Bluffs came to be.

An up-and-coming band hailing from Kingston, ON, The Bluffs are your vibe for the summer. Inspired by The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and The Beatles, The Bluffs create high-energy music for you to dance to and get hyped to.

They debuted with “Fantasy,” an introspective tune with a hint of 2000s nostalgia. Fantasy explores heavy themes of superficiality, love, and the material world, juxtaposed with a tune that, for lack of a better word, makes you want to have a jive. It’s a song that sparks discussion as you delve deeper into the lyricism but remains enjoyable for anyone and everyone.

The Bluffs slow things down with “Ecstasy,” a romantic, beachy melody. The more relaxed, percussive beats build up like a heartbeat, bringing the song to life. Reminiscent of the slow flame of being in stable, healthy, forever kind of love that accompanies you through every turn of life. Ecstasy is the perfect song to jam to with your significant other while cruising down a beach during a sunset. Any fan of The Beatles can recognize the influence George Harrison has on this song. Through the vocals, you can feel Harrison come to life, bridging the gap between 70s nostalgia and modern-day listening.

What’s next for The Bluffs?

Currently, an album is definitely in the works for The Bluffs. Since COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted, The Bluffs plan on doing even more live performances. After doing a couple of shows in Kingston, they plan on taking on Toronto.

You can find The Bluffs on Instagram or Spotify to catch their latest updates and releases. Catch The Bluffs for their upcoming show at Horseshoe Tavern May 31st!


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