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Presented in collaboration with the English Course Union (ECU) at X University

We’re collaborating with our friends over at the ECU again to celebrate the English Department’s 10th anniversary! As the community gears up for all the festivities to be held in the upcoming months, we can't help but reflect on time, memory, identity, and of course, storytelling. Over the course of ten years, this program has come to signify different things to thousands of students, faculty, and staff. As we enter this anniversary year, we ponder the questions: What is our history? What are the stories that have not yet been told? Who are the voices of today, and what do they have to say? What lies in our future ahead? Individuals, groups, classes, clubs, an entire community of artists, writers, and dreamers program-wide and beyond...who are we? And who could we become? We leave it to our community to answer these questions for themselves...

How to participate:

  1. View the mini zine of prompts for inspiration.

  2. Write your story and/or create your artwork, based on your own unique interpretation of the mini zine.

  3. Register via Eventbrite for the Performance Café, taking place on October 2, where we'll be celebrating our stories together!

Following the Performance Café, participating students will have the opportunity to submit their work to be published in a special edition zine AND showcased in an innovative digital exhibition! 

Tatsbita Sadikin_Row 3_Post 2.png


album + ZINe Publication and Launch


The NOT SO ALONE project includes a zine publication and an audio album! Formatted in the style of a radio broadcast, the album features disgruntled callers, local business commercials, and our very own "DJs" guiding you through it all. Listeners of the album and readers of the zine will be able to immerse themselves in the complex, vibrant imaginary city of our radio station alter-ego, "The Continuist Underground." Be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for all the little Easter eggs that connect the album, zine, and our social media to the same wacky, wonderful world. Turn the page, tune into our "broadcast," and remember - you're not so alone when you're listening to The Continuist Underground.

To celebrate our most ambitious project to date, we spent weeks organizing a massive event to match! With artist performances, games, and a grand raffle with some SWEET prizes from local student businesses, the virtual NOT SO ALONE launch party was an electrifying evening that brought the Ryerson art community together even in our state of isolation. Relive The Continuist's last event of the 2020-2021 school year by visiting the links below!


Finding the Voice Within


Presented in collaboration with the English Course Union (ECU) at X University

Searching for your unique writing voice? Desperate for some creative inspiration? Hoping for a chance to get published? Look no further - we've got the perfect opportunity for you! This day-long event features two virtual sessions:

  • 1PM: A writing workshop led by Dr. Lauren Kirshner, an acclaimed author and Assistant Professor in the English Department!

  • 7PM: A performance cafe, in which writers can showcase their work!


All participants will have the chance to publish their work in a special-edition Continuist zine!

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 2.22.31 PM.png

Hall of Mirrors Zine Publication

& Launch


Trapped in a confined space, forced to confront images or versions of ourselves that are warped, twisted, and stretched beyond our recognition - this past year has often felt as strange as a summer fair funhouse, where reality is suspended and the only thing to do is move forward. With that in mind, we wanted to give artists a space in which they can feel free to go out of their comfort zones, and express their experiences of 2020.

Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 5.31.14 PM.png

spotlight Zine


& Launch


In this issue, we're looking to highlight artists and creatives who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or as people of colour, who want to use their art to speak out on the issues of racism, violence, and representation which are so prevalent in our lives today. SPOTLIGHT is just the first step of our ongoing commitment to supporting the diversity of artists here at X University. 


Scissor and Ruler


Date: TBA

Theme: TBA

A chill evening of some good ol' fashion zine-making, hosted by our very own Co-Editor Eunice Addo! The theme will be determined by YOU our readers, so make sure to check our Instagram story to vote for our next theme!

To see our last two broadcasts, check out our IGTV channel or watch them in full on our Youtube page!

If you've followed along with Eunice's tutorials and are proud of your zine The Continuist would LOVE to see it! Tag us @thecontinuist in a photo of your finished product and make sure to use the hashtag #Continuzines. Or, you can email a photo or scanned copy to us at!

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