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COVID-19: a mini-book of a time in quarantine

"This mini-book is a mini-journal with illustrated--or at least attempts at 'illustration' type doodles--depicting the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine from the perspective of the author. Enjoy!"

Lorenza De Benedictis


The Land of Scribbles

A tiny zine of scribbles by our Video Editor Lorenza!

Lorenza De Benedictis


Behind the Seams

Behind The Seams explores gender, inclusivity, and sustainability in fashion through a virtual lens. Joined by local online fashion personas, this zine presents the experiences of social media personalities in the current fashion world.

Alliza Vitto



Wake is a collection of pieces I’ve made over the last year, in light of a big break up. This zine explores themes of heartbreak, time and its cyclical nature, shifting perspectives (read: I realized my ex was shittier than I thought), and coming back to oneself in the midst of all these thoughts and feelings. Wake was born out of the desire to honour this messy journey, to intentionally allow space for even the most vulnerable of feelings to be witnessed, and as a nod toward the transience of it all. This project combines analog and digital production, with pieces composed in marker as well as composition through digital editing and collaging.

Richie Ocean



A smol zine for smol pictures.

Lorenza De Benedictis


Our Scarborough

This zine is a collection of photographs and comics exploring the people and cultural experiences of Scarborough. Accompanied by words from those who reside or have resided in said district, this is Our Scarborough.

Alliza Vitto


Queens of the 1970s

The first Quaranzines zine of 2021!!! The theme was DECADES and our house zinester Eunice dedicated it to her favourite ladies of the 1970s. Feel free to download it and print it out!

Eunice Addo



Parts of Anne Alajar’s philosophy zine Life was featured in The Continuist's zine issue Time to Regroup! Phenomenology is the point of interest here, which Alajar defines as a “philosophical approach that concentrates on the mind and the objects of direct experience.” Read up on how philosophers like René Descartes, Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, and Michel Henry contributed to phenomenology through a student’s musings!

Anne Alajar

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