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Presented in collaboration with the English Course Union (ECU) at X University

We’re collaborating with our friends over at the ECU again to celebrate the English Department’s 10th anniversary! As the community gears up for all the festivities to be held in the upcoming months, we can't help but reflect on time, memory, identity, and of course, storytelling. Over the course of ten years, this program has come to signify different things to thousands of students, faculty, and staff. As we enter this anniversary year, we ponder the questions: What is our history? What are the stories that have not yet been told? Who are the voices of today, and what do they have to say? What lies in our future ahead? Individuals, groups, classes, clubs, an entire community of artists, writers, and dreamers program-wide and beyond...who are we? And who could we become? We leave it to our community to answer these questions for themselves...

How to participate:

  1. View the mini zine of prompts for inspiration.

  2. Write your story and/or create your artwork, based on your own unique interpretation of the mini zine.

  3. Register via Eventbrite for the Performance Café, taking place on October 2, where we'll be celebrating our stories together!

Following the Performance Café, participating students will have the opportunity to submit their work to be published in a special edition zine AND showcased in an innovative digital exhibition! 

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