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Spotlight Vendors


Embroidered patches

and hoop embroidery

Modern and representative, all designs are original and handmade, taking hours or even days to complete!

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Imani Dominique

Art prints and posters

The art world has a deficiency in diversity of race, identity, ability, and gender. We need to see more stories accepted by the art world that come from a variety of individuals as opposed to accepting the selected narrative per culture.

Imani's art aims to tell these stories.

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art by alia

Bright acrylic paint, marker, and newspaper on canvas and pen sketches

A self-taught visual artist based in Toronto, Alia Khan is currently a university student attending to her artistic passion through all mediums and forms of expression. Her work is empowered by the diversity and uniqueness that is brought forth by the people around her.

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Art by neigh

Art Prints

Laneigh Shirley is a Canadian artist, based in Toronto, Ontario. She expresses themes of self-love, confidence and identity in her art, through her studies focussing on women of colour, paired with her use of intense colour schemes. In doing so, Laneigh finds authenticity and identity within herself.

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