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The King With The Golden Touch

With the importance of BIPOC and the battle for our rights back, I wanted to show the power that people of colour can hold. There will always be royalty in our blood even if we are knocked down over and over again. The story of Midas had popped into my head after I decided to add gold hands to the model. Midas is a story from Greek mythology about a king who has the power to turn everything into gold. I wanted to relate to the power that we individuals can have, but also remember to realize that we can face the consequences of such power. The original story of Midas has a tragic ending where he turns his daughter into gold. I wanted to express that though we have the power to turn things into what we desire we will continue to have a struggle that we must overcome or learn from.

By Tamia James

Content Creator (Photography), The Continuist

Model: Ellis Jones, @ellis_r_jones 


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