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by Anh Phan

"It features an aesthetic graphic style called 'Acidwave'. Most of my work revolves around this graphic style, which incorporates paisley-spattered, psychedelic swirls of colors, organic forms, and crazy lettering, giving a very trippy end result. For this design specifically, I was inspired by the word ‘Mangata’ which means the glimpsing reflection of the moon on the water. Instead of what usually seen on this kind of style which is vivid multicolors, I opt for a darker color theme with purple, black and white for a dark, unsettling vibe. The process involves duplicating layers and using different blend modes to create an oversaturated look. The intention is to illustrate the mysterious and enchanting moon reflection on water in a quiet night. I can envision this art to be enjoyed with a nice tune of lo-fi jazz, sipping a dark cold brew in a nice little spot." - Anh Phan


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