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Sweet As Honey

Even in something so well known, there are complexities to its flavour, details left unknown.

Illustration by Prudence Villanueva (Graphic Designer, The Continuist)

Nicole Bernard

Content Creator (Poetry), The Continuist

Don a cape of liquid gold

Your body drenched in sickening sweetness

Bring him in, close as sin.

Hairs brush up against your skin.

Goosebumps reach across your body laid bare,

Revealing the hatred you fought so hard to conceal.

The problem with trying to trap wasps

Is the necessary sacrifice;

The cost of their peace is your lament,

Your sanity is exchanged for their tortures.

Their poison seeps through your veins

A tempting toxicity

Suffocating breaths

Of victims coalescing.

Clarity. Desperation.



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