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Our Quaranzines Commitment

As a zine and creative collective, The Continuist is committed to encouraging creativity no matter what skill level you're at! In general, zine culture emphasizes accessibility, resourcefulness, and community. To actively work on keeping this spirit alive while confined to the Internet and our homes we're holding a bi-weekly Instagram live stream called Quaranzines, hosted by our very own co-editor-in-chief Eunice Addo! Life in isolation can get quite mundane, and now that school has begun and many of us are adjusting to remote learning, it can feel like there's little time in our week to sit back, relax and be creative.

Our Quaranzines series is meant to motivate our readers to take one hour out of their busy work week to make a zine with us! Because the zine is so versatile, we've decided to focus on different methods to create these tiny yet mighty booklets. A Quaranzines broadcast will consist of a zinester showing viewers how to make the zine, then staying on to design it along with them and answer questions. Similar to how zines tear down the boundaries of the mainstream publishing world, we didn't want to let the boundaries of isolation prevent us from coming together and collectively learning new creative skills! Just like an arts and crafts night or a workshop, the zinester on the broadcast is there not only as a guide but as a present, responsive collaborator.

Our last two Quaranzines broadcasts are available on both our IGTV page on Instagram and in full our Youtube channel! Follow us on social media for Quaranzines announcements and polls to decide what theme we should do for that week! We hope you'll join us for a future broadcast!!

(This will be Eunice if you join a broadcast. And they both have afros so the Bob Ross vibes will be plenty!)

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