Illustrations by Catherine Kai Lin Cha

IG: @stormscales

By: Alborz Mohtashami (Death by Tapioca)

IG: @alborzisms, @deathbytapioca

Why am I afraid of nature?

I am nature

Am I scared of my own strength?

In awe of the possibilities

I’ve yet to unlock but I


I know

Await me?

Out there

I’m damn near 6 feet of flesh and bones

And muscle and

More muscle, I’m talking about

3 million deep, that’s metropolitan muscle

3 millennia back, that’s ancestral muscle

3 decades of education, that’s intellectual muscle

And I’m afraid of getting a mosquito bite!

I don’t trust the ground

Until I feel it

But if I feel it too much I’m afraid it’ll

Enshroud me

Eat me alive and I’ll

Become another moss

Living, breathing particle

But not enjoying

What I’ve been told

Is life