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"me n u" - a valentine's day special

This is the next song you'll be adding to your playlist! The Continuist Introduces: Danny Park's single « me n u »

Photography by Davin Park

By: Aish Sankhé

Content Creator (Poetry & Nonfiction), The Continuist

Do you remember what falling in love for the first time felt like? Seeing your crush down the hall while your cheeks flush as they smile at you? The childlike glee that consumes you when you receive a text from them? That’s how I felt listening to Danny Park’s new single, “me n u.”

Within the first few seconds of this song, you enter a world of purple. You see waves of soft powdery blues colliding with a baby pink to create a sweet melody that’s perfect for this romantic season. The soft ringing of bells welcomes you to dreamy nostalgia. While the tempo is steady, you feel the energy from Danny’s rap warming you up, telling you a simple story about his feelings towards his love.

Towards the second chorus, Danny layers his vocals with his own harmonies, adding complexity. It also builds the song up in a way that isn’t jarring to the listener. It’s soft, yet energetic. “me n u” continues to build in these gradual ways until we get to the final repetition of the chorus, where we hear the addition of another voice, a woman’s voice, harmonizing with Danny’s crisp vocals.

This song is an intersection of two lovers, coming together to create a beautiful song. And it’s indicative in the vocal performance as well. At the bridge, you hear one voice becoming two, uniting these lovers into a powerful, yet soft harmony.

In conclusion, listening to Danny Park’s single, “me n u” feels like you’re falling in love. It starts slowly and gradually crescendos, filling you up with a childlike happiness. If you’re into Korean music, R&B, lo-fi, or bedroom pop, this is definitely the track for you.

About Danny Park

Danny Park grew up surrounded by music. His mother, being a pianist and art teacher; and his brother taught Danny how to play the guitar at a very young age. For Danny, music was always an outlet for self-expression. He would often turn to music in times of happiness and sadness.

His production and tunes tend to feel like home because of the influence of his friends and family, creating tunes with the help of his friends. He also aims to implement your voice into his music. A passion of Danny’s is to get his fans involved in his music. He’s keen on hearing your feedback to implement into his next singles, thus creating an involved project.

Now, you must be wondering how Danny took this leap towards music. Let me tell you a story- One evening at Mod Club, his favourite artist, Russell was performing. It was one of those nights you’ll always remember. The energy was vibrant, the groove was in everyone’s heart, especially Danny. Experiencing this euphoria made him realize that this was his calling. He wanted everyone in the crowd to feel the same way Danny felt while listening to Russell, and as if it was by chance, Russell paused his set to have a heart-to-heart.

“Don’t back down from what you want to do. We’re all here today to get inspired, and to remember that you should never give up on your dreams.”

It was as if Russell spoke directly to Danny, and that was his final push.

In Danny’s discography, you can feel Russell’s influence. You can hear crisp vocals with a sleepy, bedroom pop vibe. Currently, the primary genre is more lo-fi with a K-R&B influence, but Danny is more nondescript, choosing to explore genres rather than restricting himself to one bubble.

As for what’s next?

With his first EP in the works, 2022’s going to be an exciting year for Danny. "me n u" comes out February 25th and is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, iTunes and TikTok. Catch Danny and Selah live on February 25th at 5 pm in Playground at 492 Parliament Street!


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