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Photography by Unsplash

By: Alborz Mohtashami (Death by Tapioca)

IG: @alborzisms, @deathbytapioca

Houses with columns and

Brick yard steps

A far cry from projects at

Kennedy and Progress where

Every day is garbage day

On the wrong side of the building

But where neighbours all strive

And refuse to compromise

On the way to the top floor

First time parents and doctors

Unite in the afterglow

Of fresh paint and tile work

A reminder that

We are all under construction

Looking at my problems like

Can I work it? Meanwhile

Their first world nature

Makes my self-reflection

That of a participant in a circus

Even that’s based on perception

I could be a contortionist

Weaving and threading my needle through

Mismatched fabrics

Trying to make a quilt out of

Concrete and lint but I

Seem to see denim and cotton

An optimist... I suppose

As I pace over hardwood floors

Architecture of my life

Exposed with each creak

I’ve overcome but

Still haven’t come far enough

There’s always tomorrow

There’s always a house with columns

To strive for


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