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Forest Glade

A poem about laying eyes on them for the first time.

Illustration by Amy Ly (Graphic Designer, The Continuist) IG: @famy.ly_dessart

By Shadman Chowdhury-Mohammad (he/him, IG: @mr.shadmanz)

Content Creator (Poetry), The Continuist

Do you ever see a person

And wonder if you have met them before

Even though you have not?

You feel like

You have known

Them all your life

When really

It is the first time

You are seeing them.

You feel like

You know everything about them

As if they were

Around you since the beginning

But for some reason

You never noticed.

What could it be?

Love at first sight?

Or what if it’s your imagination

Exploring its most surreal depths?

Could it be that

They remind you of a person

From your past

But you don’t know who?

Someone you do not remember

But after meeting this person,

Someone you want to remember?

Could it be a person

You admired

In the past?

Someone you remember

In tiny glimpses

In your blurriest dreams?

Could this be a way of the

Universe punishing you

For an unknown fallacy

That is left

To be atoned for?

Or could this be

A way of the Universe

Favoring you?

A way of the Universe telling you

That this person is

Someone you want to

Keep on your side forever

A friend, a lover

Someone you want

To feel connected with?

Could this be the universe

Gifting you with a companion

After all the years of

Heartbreak and loneliness

You endured?

You see her

Not just while standing in front of her

But you see her

Whenever you watch sunsets,

As if her image is superimposed

Upon your perception

Of everyday wonders.

As if her image is superimposed

Upon your memories

Of the most picturesque moments

Of your life.

You do not just

See her across space

But across time

In portraits of

Famous historical figures,

In portraits of

Long-lost loved ones.

You wonder,

Why does she feel so dear to me?

Is she a reincarnation of a person

I once loved?

You do not just see her upfront,

But further away,

And still further away,

And way back,

In a vast place

Like a forest glade.

Photo by author: Shadman Chowdhury Mohammad


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