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Existing Within

Is there more out there? I want to know.

Illustration by Kaitlynn Kemp (Graphic Designer, The Continuist) IG: @kaitlynn.kemp

By Samantha Kaszas (she/her, IG: @samanthacarlyk)

Creative Director of Non-fiction, The Continuist

My window to the world

gets smaller and smaller

with each passing hour, spent



My vision is clouded

tainted with mundanity and monotony

and my singular point of view.

I long

to be

Out there.

To have my world shocked and shaken,

my innermost self, touched and transformed

into something new.

Shaped into

beautiful and foreign forms

by something Outside.

My body yearns

to exist

inside of time and city,

to be absorbed

so completely

that I may not tell my (heart)

from the (art)

within which I exist.


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