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An Ode to Feelings

A piece confronting anxiety

By Richie Ocean

Content Creator (Visual Arts & Design), The Continuist

An Ode to Feelings was born as an act of self-defiance against the anxiety that made me feel incapable of doing anything one weekend. Instead of avoiding this feeling, I decided to look it in the face and to do something with it. This piece originally ended after the seventh panel. However, I was inspired by Joshua Whitehead’s discussion of his book, Jonny Appleseed, as reparative reading ( to turn my own work into an act of reparative drawing. Thus, An Ode to Feelings concludes, not with a heavy heart, but with love, which suffuses the piece and becomes a salve to the soul. This comic was composed in marker, scanned, and digitally edited with a pink tint. 


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