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A Long-Lost Tapestry

Weaving together history, heritage and tradition to create beautiful art, but will it last?

Illustration by Jeongtae Bae (Graphic Designer, The Continuist)

Nicole Bernard

Content Creator (Poetry), The Continuist

The traditions of thousands of years

Crystalize into the present,

Echos of our ancestry traced upon our skin

And within.

They are woven into our very DNA,

A pattern begging to be revived.

I measure the red thread in my hands,

Dividing it into the phases of life,

Searching for the next bloody incision,

But for now, the clock ticks patiently.

The stitches spread,

Expanding and Contracting

Into a living, breathing memory.

A relic crafted of my own two hands,

Borne from my tears and handiwork.

What will become of this quilt?

My love, what will become of you?

When I am no longer here, will my world disappear?

I lie in bed,

Late at night.

Thoughts racing through my brain

As I clutch my blanket to my heart.


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